Día del Perú

¡Feliz Día de la Independencia del Perú!

Hoy se conmemora el día en que el Perú obtuvo su Independencia gracias al libertador Don José de San Martín. Y hoy el Perú se viste de fiesta para celebrar la libertad de su gente y el amor por nuestro país. Aunque muchos de nosotros nos encontramos fuera del Perú, no podemos dejar de celebrar y sentirnos orgullosos de ser peruanos. Nuestra diversidad, esfuerzo, dedicación y trabajo duro nos enriquece y llena de optimismo para lograr ser mejores personas cada día. Celebren estas fiestas con el corazón en alto y lleno de orgullo peruano recordando las palabras de Don José de San Martín:

“El Perú es desde este momento libre e independiente por la voluntad general de los pueblos, y por la justicia de causa que Dios defiende”.

¡Que Viva el Perú!


Happy Independence Day of Perú!

Today we commemorate the day in which Perú won its independence from the Spanish Empire, led by the liberator Don José de San Martin. Today, Peruvians celebrate the freedom of its people and the love for our country.
Even though some of us reside outside of our dear Peru, we should celebrate and feel very proud of being Peruvians. Our diversity, efforts, dedication and hard work enrich us and fill us with optimism to become better versions of ourselves every day. Celebrate this national holiday with an open heart and full of pride remembering the words of Don José de San Martin:

“Peru is from this moment free and independent by the will of the people, and by the cause of justice that God defends.”

¡Que Viva el Perú!

Peruvian Members of Congress Visit Austin

The Austin Lima Sister Cities committee was honored to welcome the first delegation of Peruvian Members of Congress to Austin. The delegation was part of the 10-day program sponsored by Open World Leadership Center. The delegates started their program with an orientation session in Washington DC, before arriving in Austin on Friday, July 14, 2017. The primary focus of the program was centered on Accountable Governance in the American System.

From left to right: Alex Pedemonte, Angela Salas, Edmundo Del Águila Herrera, Vanessa Arrieta, Totty Pedemonte, Alberto De Belaunde, Francesca Varda, Fernando Nieri, Edwin Vergara Pinto, Miguel Torres Morales y Jokabeth Vallejo.

From left to right: Alex Pedemonte, Angela Salas, Edmundo Del Águila Herrera, Vanessa Arrieta, Totty Pedemonte, Alberto De Belaunde, Francesca Varda, Fernando Nieri, Edwin Vergara Pinto, Miguel Torres Morales y Jokabeth Vallejo.

The congressmen that visited Austin were Alberto De Belaunde, Edmundo Del Águila Herrera, Edwin Vergara Pinto, and Miguel Ángel Torres Morales. The group was accompanied by Francesca Varda, a member of the American Embassy in Peru, that served as their Facilitator and Interpreter.

While in Washington, the delegates met with several members of Congress as well as the Peruvian Ambassador. The main purpose of the visit was to learn about Accountable Governance in the American System.

In Austin, the delegates met with their American counterparts, community leaders, and faculty members to gain a better understanding of the process in the United States. For Austin Lima Sister Cities, this visit also served to reinforce our deep cultural ties, explore a productive joint future and, ultimately, about fortifying the link between Austin and Lima.

It was our sincere pleasure to get to know them, and look forward to great collaborations in the future.


Austin Lima Sister Cities: new faces, new look, same strong commitment.

For the past few years, the Austin Lima Sister Cities committee sadly became inactive. We know that life sometimes can be a little hectic and, although we are all full of good intentions, sometimes we are unable to follow through with our commitment. After a few weeks of planning and restructuring, we now have new committee members willing to put in the time, effort and forward-thinking attitude that will propel this incredible organization. We know it's a lot of work but we are up to the challenge. The new committee is eager to devote the time it takes to establish new connections, craft new possibilities and revive old relationships that remained dormant during the past few years.

We are changing the face of the organization by giving it an identity. Austin Lima Sister Cities has a new logo, new website and its social media portals are getting a much needed facelift. This new look is a fresh start that will give the organization the push it needs.

During the next few weeks the committee will be holding regular meetings and posting the minutes on this website to keep all our members, partners, and donors informed of the activities we are planning for the year. There are so many things the committee wants to accomplish and it'll take a joined effort to make them happen. Come visit our website often and let us know ways in which we can make Austin Lima Sister Cities a better organization.

We look forward to the new possibilities we are creating!

All the best,

Fernando Nieri